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If a court has already issued a detention order in your name, you would be doing yourself a favor by getting an attorney or a bail bondsman to conduct the arrest warrant search in Skagway Borough, AK, on your behalf. Trying to walk into an agency, even one that is not directly linked with criminal processing, such as the Department of the Borough Clerk, will undoubtedly lead to arrests.

Many people believe they can send their loved ones or friends over to find out about the arrest warrants against them. However, suppose this trick raises suspicion against the applicant, and the police consider investigating the connection deeply. In that case, the person launching the warrant search can get into a lot of trouble, which will be considered abetting a criminal.

Of course, the discovery of Skagway Borough and outstanding warrants and arrest records through these channels can involve a significant financial investment, as legal representation is not cheap. So, unless you are absolutely sure that the police have an active warrant in your name, this approach will prove to be an uncalled-for strain on your pockets.

A better option would be to simply look for information on Skagway Borough arrest warrants through a private agency. Take a look at the form given at the top of this page. This can be used to launch a nationwide criminal history search for a small fee. If you need to contact a state agency for information on arrests and warrants, you can go to:

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 518, Skagway, Alaska 99840
  • Judiciary: McCabe Building, 7th Avenue & Spring Street, Skagway, AK 99840-0495
  • Borough clerk: Box 495, Skagway, AK 99840-0495

Over the phone, how do you acquire information on Skagway Borough warrants and arrests? (This page was last updated in 2023)

  • For recent arrests-related questions, call 907-983-9765.
  • For police/incident/arrest reports, call 907-983-2232.
  • For judicial records-related questions, call 907-983-2368.

Crime statistics of Skagway Borough

Of the 10 crimes reported in Skagway Borough in 2019, only one was a violent offense. As is the case in the other areas of Alaska, the reported violent crime involved an incident of rape. The remaining 9 reports were filed against property crimes and included 7 instances of larceny-theft and 2 of car theft.

Older crime statistics: With an annual crime record of just about 30 incidents, Skagway Borough, Alaska has earned itself a place in the lowest crime neighborhoods in the state. The rate of violent crime stands at 20% of this figure. However, there has been a rise of almost 70% in this rate over the last few years.

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