About Me – private investigator

AlaskaDealing with a wide range of clients is all in a day’s work for me as a private investigator. As a skip tracer, I have worked with lawyers and police personnel, private parties and commercial clients, and researchers offering genealogical data. Simply put, I have worked with all sorts of individuals who needed to have a person found.

If you are wondering how I find people for my clients, I would answer that question by saying that it is a two-step process. First, I look up information on the subject in the various databases I can access, such as TLO. Second, I confirm the information I have with fieldwork. When you ask me for information on a subject, you can be sure that you will get accurate details.

In fact, the comprehensiveness and quality of the data that I provide are the primary reasons why the Denton Sheriff’s warrant department has sought my services, bail bond agencies in Florida and Texas, International Genealogical Research from Canada and the Locators Ltd from Arizona among many others.

You are bound to wonder why would anybody, besides the police, want to locate a person. The answer is simple: a client may have personal or professional motives to launch the locate. For example:

  • A probate lawyer would want to find the beneficiaries and heirs to an estate he/she is handling.
  • A family lawyer would want to bring to justice a person who is no longer paying for child support as ordered and this would only be possible if this individual is located.
  • A realtor would like to know about arrears on a home he/she is handling, and for that, a history of home ownership would be needed.
  • A vehicle repossession agent would want to know about the person who is no longer paying for a car bought on loan.

So, you see everybody has a justifiable impetus to seek out this information. Of course, there are also those who simply want to call friends and family they are not in touch with, but for this, they would need the contact details of these subjects. Once again, this is where I come into the picture.

My job is to locate people, and I do my job well, even if I say so myself. So call me if you need to find an individual.

Please download this report that will answer your other questions: How to find any public records