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Pending directives for arrests are trouble waiting to happen; these outstanding warrants should never be taken lightly as they have the power to impact your personal and professional life. Despite the absolute clout of these legal orders, neither the police nor the judiciary will let you know about their issue, and that is why you should consider an arrest warrant search in Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK.

If you are looking for details on arrest warrants in your name, you would be doing yourself a favor by staying away from the state agencies that tender such services. It should be understood here that the police would only be happy to make arrests when offenders walk into the sheriff’s department on their own, and that is exactly what you will be doing.

So, if you want to avoid the addition of Fairbanks North Star Borough arrest records in your crime history file, try enlisting the help of a private vendor of crime history data. The form above can be filled to gain access to a private database of information on arrest warrants. This data is not restricted to Alaska. So, you can also learn about the active warrants in your name from other states as well.

You will be charged about as much as you would need to pay at a government agency counter for such an investigation. However, the most significant advantage is that you can get the results of your inquiry online. If you are launching the warrant search in the name of a third party subject, you can just as easily connect with a state agencies. Your options include:

  • The sheriff: 911 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
  • The magistrate: 101 Lacey St, Fairbanks, AK 99701
  • The clerk of court: 800 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Fairbanks North Star Borough over the phone? (Expires in 2021)

  1. For details pertaining to recent arrests and an inmate search, you can contact the Fairbanks Correctional Center at 907-458-6700.
  2. For arrest records and police reports, you will have to call the relevant law enforcement agency. In case of Fairbanks North Star Borough, arrests are the responsibility of 3 agencies:
  • Fairbanks Police Department- 907-450-6500.
  • North Pole Police Department- 907-488-6902.
  • Alaska State Troopers- 907-451-5100.
  1. For details pertaining to the issue of arrest warrants and other judicial records, you will need to connect with the Clerk of Court at 907- 452-9289/907-452-9277.

Crime Statistics of Fairbanks North Star Borough

In 2019, the Fairbanks Police Department and the North Pole Police Department together reported handling approximately 1700 criminal cases in 2019.

Of the 95 offenses reported to North Pole PD, 80 were property crimes while 16 were violent crimes. Assault led to the filing of 13 complaints in the violent crimes category while larceny theft brought in 63 complaints.

The 1600 criminal cases filed by Fairbanks PD included 247 complaints against violent crime and 1353 reports of property crime.

Approximately, 1800 criminal incidents occur in Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska in 2010. Of these cases, an estimated 15% are instances of violent crime. The most significant crime category in the mix is that of thefts, at nearly 1100 incidents per annum followed closely by burglary which brings in nearly 230 complaints each year.

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