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Alaska arrest warrant information is available to just about everybody as long as the ensuing criminal trial ended in a conviction. However, it can be a bit arduous to find details on active warrants that have yet to be served, unless the accused has been included in the most wanted list of a particular area or law enforcement agency. Of course, it is always possible to seek information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from private establishments that are not subject to state privacy laws.

These third party firms can not only shed light on the arrest directives issued in Alaska but also on the arrest warrants released in other parts of the country. Yet, any inquiry on warrants should not be considered complete unless you are also being given details on the arrests that eventually occurred and the criminal processing that followed. So, along with details on when and why the arrest warrant was issued, you should also find out about how the case was disposed by the judiciary and sentencing and correctional details.

This information is now frequently being used by civilian applicants as well as commercial establishments when making important professional and personal associations. There are several ways to access details on warrants and arrest records. However, before you spend money and time on such an endeavor, it would help to learn a bit more about these judicial decrees.

What are AK arrest warrants and how are they different from other legal directives?

The process of establishing probable cause, which is the prelude to the issue of an arrest warrant, is what makes these directives different from other judicial instruments. While bench warrants are also directives for arrests, these are not released on the basis of reasonable suspicion; this means that the police do not get involved in the procedure for their issue.

In contrast, when an active warrant is needed, the police approach a tribunal in the area that handles preliminary hearings linked to felonies and serious misdemeanors. The magistrate has to be provided with a petition and an affidavit that details the incident in question. The police have to show through the evidence they have and witness testimony that the act was of a criminal nature and that there is a very good possibility that it was commissioned by the suspect.

If the magistrate finds that anybody with a reasonable mind would reach this conclusion after studying the evidence, the arrest warrant is released. Another factor that sets these orders apart from all other legal processes is that they don’t have a fixed validity period. Detention orders that cannot be served are simply kept in the police database as outstanding warrants; these orders are neither sent back nor do they go out of effect.

Where can one find details on AK active warrants?

Although launching a formal warrant search is always an option for anybody looking for details on active warrants from Alaska, the simplest way to find information on these orders is to check out the most wanted lists from different law enforcement agencies. In the state, you can find the list of most wanted criminals from the Drug Enforcement Administration at As you may have guessed, this page contains information on criminals accused of dealing in or using narcotics.

For Anchorage Borough, you can find a generic list of the area’s most wanted at It should be noted here that even if the criminal incident you are investigating was reported in Anchorage, the name of the perpetrator may or may not be included in this list depending on how long ago the crime occurred and its nature.