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The Criminal Records and Information Bureau (CRIB) has been designated as the keeper of the statewide repository of criminal history data for Alaska. Hence, all criminal justice agencies in the state, including offices of magistrates and county clerks and even state prosecution is required by law to submit information on all criminal matters being handled by them to the central database.

The process starts as soon as an Alaska active warrant is issued or arrests are made. Fingerprints collected at the time of booking are sent to CRIB for inclusion in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. This repository is further linked to the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (ASPIN) which is the database that contains crime related information.

Given the numerous sources from which this data is collected, the repository contains information on the criminal act commissioned, identifier information on the perpetrator of the act which is linked to his fingerprints held in the AFIS, details on the issue of active warrants in AK, the disposition of criminal matters as well as correctional data. This information is only held in ASPIN hence the repository is used for the public distribution of crime history details.

Although, other criminal justice agencies maintain their very own databases of arrest records, no other state entity has the extensive and summary information held by CRIB. However, the details held by the central agency are confidential and can only be disclosed in keeping with the conflicting Privacy and Sunshine Laws of the state. ASPIN also acts as an interface for the FBI to access criminal history information from AK. The federal agency keeps details on active warrants and arrest records from all 50 states.

Who can access information on AK outstanding warrants and arrests?

In accordance with Alaska Statutes 12.62.160, crime history data is considered public information hence any person is allowed to access this data by following the proper procedure. The process used for the dissemination of crime history information has been given in the Alaska Administrative Code.

Alaska Laws not only allow for the disclosure of crime history information to commercial entities but also to civilians, licensing agencies, people who intend to hire home health and day care services for seniors, children ad disabled individuals and landlords and housing companies, etc. The subject of the record has the liberty to seek a complete crime history report in his name.

The Department of Public safety which is at the helms of CRIB offers name based as well as fingerprint based warrant searches. The information made available and the type of inquiry that can be conducted will depend on why the data is being sought. For instance, if the subject will be put in charge of vulnerable adults or children, as the applicant of this data, you become an “Interested Person”; hence, you stand to get a complete crime history report.

How can one obtain information on criminal history in the state?

To access arrest records, you can contact the Department of Public safety in person or through mail. Background checks are charged at $20 for name based inquiries and $35 for fingerprint based warrant searches. The information revealed in response to these inquiries will be limited to the state of Alaska. If you are conducting a fingerprint based check, make sure that the prints are submitted on the standard FD- 258 form.

Extra copies of the results will be charged at $5 and you can access the crime history request forms at and The payment will have to be made through check or money order.