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If you need to conduct an arrest warrant search in Prince of Wales Borough, AK, without letting the subject know about it, you will have to necessarily approach a third-party information center. State agencies are often considered the primary option when looking for details on arrest records and active warrants.

However, these entities will collect information about the subject as well as the applicant before initiating an inquiry on arrest warrants. This is done to ensure that a person with an arrest order to his name is not conducting this investigation just to give the law a run. Although they won’t expressly go to inform the subject about the inquiry, if you do need a complete criminal history report in response to a fingerprint-based investigation, the subject will have to be made a part of the equation.

On the other hand, you can find details on Prince of Wales Borough arrests and outstanding warrants along with the criminal history from the rest of the country through private parties. Yet, you also need to understand that the results furnished by these agencies are informative at best. In other words, you cannot go around using them for seeking a job or other official purposes.

For these, you will mandatorily have to connect with a state agency. Visiting the office of your choosing in person will be the quickest way to get your warrant search underway. However, if this option does not suit you, it is always possible to write to the department. The contact details of the state agencies that will provide crime history data are given below:

  • Law enforcement: 506 Second Street, Craig, Alaska 99921
  • Judiciary: Box 646, Craig, AK 99921-0646
  • Borough clerk: 1305 Craig-Klawock Highway, Craig, AK 99921-0646

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Prince of Wales Borough? (2021- Update)

  1. Two agencies make arrests in Prince of Wales Borough hence depending on which agency effected the arrest, you can call:
  • 907-826-3330- To reach Craig PD
  • 907-755-2777- To reach Klawock PD
  1. Court administration is in charge of all judicial records, so contact them at 907-755-8801 for a case search and information on active warrants.

Crime statistics of Prince of Wales Borough

Craig Police Department of Prince of Wales Borough listed an annual crime average of 27 incidents for the year 2019. Of these criminal cases, 7 were filed against violent crimes, and all of them involved aggravated assault.

Of the 20 complaints filed against property crimes, 12 were against petty theft, 5 were against burglary, and 2 were against motor vehicle theft.

Older crime statistics: Prince of Wales Borough, Alaska, has an annual crime average of about 50 crimes. This is possibly one of the lowest in the state. However, surprisingly the violent crime average, which stands at 50% of this figure, is on the higher side.

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