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In Haines Borough, AK, an arrest warrant search is a definitive way to find out if a person you know was ever involved in criminal incidents. These inquiries, whether conducted through third party agencies or state establishments will bring back in depth information on all the criminal cases filed in the name of the subject.

So, you can expect to find details on the issue of active warrants from Haines Borough, including those that were released in response to a police affidavit and also orders for arrests that were issued after the return of an indictment. Apart from this, you will be also be given arrest records, conviction data and incarceration details.

There is little difference in the results that an inquiry on arrest warrants will bring back, regardless of its source. However, there can be a significant amount of variation in the additional value offered by these different agencies. For instance, the claim to fame of a third party agency will undoubtedly be the fact that they allow arrest warrant searches online and the results take only a few seconds in the coming.

The police can provide extra information in the form of the most wanted list and even crime statistics for the borough. The office of the magistrate which issues Haines Borough outstanding warrants is also in charge of releasing criminal summons, bench warrants and search orders. So, you can find out about these directives from the bench.

Finally, the office of the Borough clerk will be able to offer civil and criminal records from their court dockets database. You can find the addresses of these agencies below or fill the form above to connect with a private establishment.

  • The Police: 215 Haines Highway, P.O. Box 1209, Haines, AK 99827, 907-766-2231
  • The court: 218 Main Street, Haines, AK 99827-0169
  • The clerk of court: Box 169, Haines, AK 99827-0169

In Haines Borough, Alaska about 70 criminal complaints are filed with the local police. Of the cases registered, about 10% are of a violent nature. Fortunately, there has been a drop of almost 60% in this crime category.

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